Certificate in Ministry Studies

KSM offers the Certificate in Ministry Studies as our way of telling the world that you’ve received a quality education.  The Certificate is awarded to people who successfully complete the nine core (21 contact-hour) courses at KSM.


Licensed Lay Ministries

Licensed Lay Ministers (LLMs) perform a valuable and honoured leadership role in the church.  They undertake the work of the laity in a publicly visible way, in the context of the church’s worship and work. They are locally trained and are licensed by the Bishop to one or more of five specific ministries under the supervision of an incumbent or priest-in-charge.

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Locally Trained Priests

Locally trained priests are ordained priests in God’s church, trained locally instead of at a seminary.  They work on a part-time, volunteer basis in their local churches and are supported by seminary-trained priests.

Courses offered for preparation: P100, P101, P102, P103, P104, P105, P106, P107, P108

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Deacons are ordained ministers in the Anglican Church of Canada.  They are locally trained rather than attending seminary.  They work on a part-time, volunteer basis in collegial relationships with parish priests. Deacons are called to bring to the church and to the community, the needs of the hungry, the poor, the neglected, the lonely, and those suffering injustice.  Deacons are called to be bridges between the church and the world’s needy people, especially those facing pain and brokenness.  Part of the diaconal vocation is to call the people of God to join in living this servanthood ministry.

Courses offered for preparation: D100, D101, D102, P100, P101, P102, P103, P105, P107

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Please Note:

Kootenay School of Ministry does not administer ordination programmes for the Diocese of Kootenay or any other diocese.  If you wish to investigate the some form of ordained ministry, you will need to enter a diocesan process.  We recommend that you discuss this matter with your local clergy.  Ultimately, ordination decisions in the Anglican Church of Canada rest with diocesan bishops.  However, bishops commonly take the advice of committees, based upon various forms of assessment.  The process ordinarily takes years to complete.  Thus, you are strongly advised to express your interest in ordination as soon as you are prepared to begin discussions.

Note that transcripts from Kootenay School of Ministry are made available to dioceses upon official request.  Faculty from the School may also provide assessments of student performance to dioceses, when called upon to do so.

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