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As of May 1, 2018 this website is no longer being updated

All the information on this website has been moved to the Diocese of Kootenay website www.kootenayanglican.ca

KSM on Sabbatical in 2018

The Kootenay School of Ministry is a community of learners, and we are taking 2018 as a sabbatical year to learn more about distance education and formation. Please be in touch with our Registrar if you have any questions during this sabbatical year. Do keep us and all our students in your prayers that we might all be transformed in Christ by the renewing of our minds.

Welcome to Our Eighth Academic Year!

We are pleased to announce three excellent courses. In April, we have scheduled Foundational Theology in Salmon Arm with The Ven. Dr. Bill Harrison, the founding Principal of the Kootenay School of Ministry. He will be visiting us from the Diocese of Huron, where he now resides. In June, we welcome The Ven. Grant Rodgers of the Vancouver School of Theology to teach Liturgy in Nelson. In September, The Rt….Keep Reading

Resource – Volunteers in the body of Christ

I have just finished work on a booklet on managing volunteers (and on being a volunteer) which is to be published on the Anglican Church of Canada web site.

But I thought you might like to obtain it from this site too – Click Here

Dr. Neil