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Welcome to Kootenay School of Ministry

When St. Paul wrote to the Christians in Rome he wrote from a deep reflection on the nature of Christian faith and his vision of the church in a world where many different cultures, traditions and spiritualities compete for attention.  In such a world Paul writes that it is important to consider what it is that shapes our hearts and minds and to intentionally decide to what we will give our precious lives and energies.  He knows that this is not simply an intellectual exercise but a process by which learning leads to life, knowledge leads to action, and information leads to transformation.  And so he urges them and us to “be transformed by the renewing of your minds” (Romans 12:2).   This is the motto of the Kootenay School of Ministry.

The School deeply believes that learning is for living, and Christian life leads to ministry.  Every baptized person is drawn into the life of Christ and into the ministry of Christ.  As the Body of Christ we share in his work in the world.  The Kootenay School of Ministry exists for all Christians as a resource to deepen our knowledge and understanding of our faith and to equip us for ministry.  Some will be exercising that ministry in our homes and places of work, others will have specialized ministries (lay and ordained) both in the church and in the world. 

We offer high quality courses, taught by experienced teachers and leaders, and the conversation with other students is stimulating and enriching. Each course can be taken for credit toward a diploma or individually for interest.  Credit students will have assignments to complete and there are no assignments for those taking the course for interest (audit). At the current costs of a course they are amongst the best bargains in education anywhere.  In the words of a recent student: People keep asking about the course and I stumble around with inadequate descriptions. Perhaps it is best summed up by the raw, tender, open-heartedness that it engendered in me… one I hope I can maintain to the greatest degree possible… The conversations, inner and outer, that took place in this course will continue to inform my personal spiritual life and ministry in the years to come.

The current courses are listed in this catalogue as is information about the School and its programs.  If you have questions please do not hesitate to be in touch with me or the School’s Registrar, Kathryn Lockhart.

John E. Privett

Acting Principal

Kathryn Lockhart, Registrar
Kootenay School of Ministry