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The Kootenay School of Ministry runs courses to prepare Locally Trained PriestsDeacons, and Licensed Lay Ministers for ministry work.  These courses are open to anyone who is interested; they are valuable for any Christian.  Ordained clergy may find them especially useful as a form of continuing education.  All classes will function at a seminary level, and are designed to be accessible to people with a variety of educational backgrounds.  Faculty are qualified and expert in their respective fields, and are excellent teachers.  Our time together is meant to be fun, and it’s also a solid learning experience.

Courses may be taken simply for interest’s sake.  People who do this are strongly encouraged to do as much of the reading as possible.  Classroom conversations will be richer and more meaningful to participants who are ready and able to contribute.

Those who are undertaking courses as ministry preparation, in the Kootenay School of Ministry, are required to do all the reading and any assignments requested by the course teacher, on time and with appropriate care.  This programme should be understood as a post-secondary ministry training programme.

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